Organic referencing and increasing your SEO traffic

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What is SEO?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”, which basically means everything you want to highlight so that the search engines or Google robots prioritize the content of your site in the results rather than that of your competitors. SEO, also known as natural or organic referencing, is free of charge, as opposed to what is known as SEA (Search Engine Advertising) or paid referencing. The ultimate goal of SEO is to obtain position 1 or position 0 in Google.

Aiming for position N°1 in Google

– quality publications
– backlinks strategy
– be the most popular

A perfect technical structure

– on-site quality (onsite)
– speed of the site
– clean urls

Une structure sémantique optimisée

– des mots clés positionnés
– des contenus de qualité
– cocon sémantique

Why work on your SEO?

To improve your reputation and to push your branding

It is increasingly difficult to be visible on the internet, and even more so to ensure you appear in the right queries and searches by internet users. Referencing your brand, your company and your e-commerce site well, will significantly optimize your visibility on the internet. SEO will strengthen your credibility, build customer loyalty and make you more visible to other users. It is almost mission impossible for your business to prosper in today’s world if you do not work on your organic referencing and SEO.

To increase your traffic and your conversions

Attracting quality traffic by being well positioned in the search engines. Knowing how to highlight the quality of your products, services or skills via appropriate content is a first step towards success. It’s getting harder and harder to attract prospects to your site and this requires a lot of work on a daily basis. Increasing your traffic is clearly a daily chore. It is better to have 50 visitors to your site who have a real interest in your company, than 2000 visitors who leave immediately.

To get better referencing than your competitors

There are many marketing analysis tools that allow you to analyze the SEO strategy of your competitors. Start by carefully studying their semantic content strategy, the keywords they use to position themselves and the titles and meta descriptions they use. It is not always easy to differentiate yourself and the competition can sometimes be hard, but with a little work you can achieve excellent results. In some cases in may be beneficial to monitor the SEO positions of your competitors.

How do you optimize your content for organic referencing and SEO?

Go for quality content rather than quantity

Use hypertext links and link building

Regularly write new articles on your blog and social networks

Focus on the keywords but not obsessively Write about the topics you understand

Use photo and video content

Optimize your title tags, meta descriptions or other alt tags