Why Content Marketing ?

How can you stand out from your competitors ?

Content marketing exists at all stages of your customer’s shopping journey

Create good content and boost your marketing initiatives

Content marketing aims to raise awareness, bring together and engage users with your brand or your website. Google, just like internet users, is demanding more in terms of content. Whether it’s a description of your product page, a blog post, a social media post, email campaign or a YouTube video, you need to know how to maintain the attention of your community, tell the story that defines your brand or your business.

Make your offer more credible

– transmit values
– establish a reputation
– tell your story

Engage your community

–  with interactive content
– make sharing easy
– find your target

Convert your customers

– diversify your content
– create emotion
– utiliser les clics to action

The 6 goals of content marketing

To generate conversions and attract new prospects

As you are probably already aware, it has always been cheaper to achieve visibility through Google than it has with paid advertising, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. In certain cases, content marketing is a good alternative to Google ads because it can generate conversions with a lower budget. Your goal is to create commitment and bring quality traffic to your website. It is important to properly study the semantic fields and to analyze the strategies of your competitors.

To tell a story and develop your branding

It is becoming increasingly clear that it is better to come up with good content ideas that your customer will want to click on, than to force your reader to see an ad they don’t want to see. Therefore, the creation of quality content through storytelling and the definition of an effective editorial line must be an integral part of your marketing strategy. So, if you manage to create innovative, fun content that can generate emotion, you’re onto a winner. 

To create viral content and to use video 

Video is the most viewed format on the internet. It is an essential element in any good content marketing strategy. It incorporates an entertainment angle that a blog post generally won’t have. Creating good videos can help you leapfrog your competition. For 80% of consumers, a company that produces video marketing content is one that is more engaged with its customers.

To solve problems for your customers

Your customers are on the internet in search for a solution to their problem. Who today doesn’t ask Google at least 1 or 2 questions per day? It is therefore imperative that you create content that answers the questions they ask.

To become a recognized benchmark or influencer

Your content is so popular that you have become a reference point in the field. You have thousands of subscribers to your YouTube channel and you are offered partnerships with other sites or blogs. You have become a real “influencer” and all content posted generates thousands of visitors. You are only a step away from reaching the top.

To boost your SEO

Finally, and if you have worked well on the previous objectives, then you will be able to improve your organic traffic and SEO. Remember that in 2019, it is no longer possible to attain good search engine results with poor quality content. You first have to create content that appeals to your target before it can please Google.

Conclusion: So how do you optimize your content marketing strategy ?

  Content that you create needs to grab the attention of your users

  Promote your content to create engagement with your target

  Create the right content to increase your organic traffic

  Use video extensively

  Retain your customers, capture their attention, develop your community

  Provide advice and tailored help

  Publish using the following formats: blog content, white papers, newsletters, infographics and social networks