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Local SEO package

We provide local traffic & visitors to your business. . 


Website creation

Simple and userfriendly websites to generate more local business


Google My Business

We optimize your Google my business Profile (Google Business Profile)



E-Reputation and Customer Reviews

Generate more positive customer reviews and ensure quality follow-up.


Virtual assistant

Delegate certain tasks to our assistant and save time.


Webmarketing and SEA campaigns

Campaigns, positioning, budget and targeting.



Email campaigns

We take the word directly to your customers for maximum effectiveness




We send you monthly report of your performance.

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A trusting client / marketing consultant relationship

Stay focused on your objectives. Adopt simple and efficient processes.

Set the best in town SEO / SEA & GMB local strategy campaign

Generating growth requires time, a little bit of budget and patience

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    What is the best way to develop your local traffic & business ?

    How to generate more local traffic to your website

    It’s not always easy to generate local traffic to your website. Having an optimized website can be a good start. Create regular mailings and maintain a real relationship with your customers. Having a good Google My Business or Google Business Profile is essential today. Obviously the competition is getting tougher and tougher and you have to make choices. Only the advice of an expert in local marketing can make the difference and allow you to gain positions and generate more growth and traffic to your website.

    How to attract more local customers to your business ?

    Get some good Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) position, that means ranking higher in the results especially on Google Maps. Ideally in the top 03 results. Increase the trust and credibility of your customers. Shows some good and multiple client reviews. Keep some good & daily customer relationship. Have some good SEO position on every local search engine..

    Can you generate free traffic to your business ?

    Organize a community event in which you will share all your qualities. Organize your event as a block party or directly in your establishment. Organize a seminar, a workshop or even a webinar to present your products. Engage and build loyalty with your old and new customers through promotions and discounts. If your company provides services, don’t hesitate to consider a commission system for customers who bring you new clients. Focus on the customer relationship. If there is a reason why your customers choose small businesses over Amazon, it’s because they want proximity, human contact, a smile, good service & knowledge of your products and enthusiasm.