Google Maps Citations


Local Business Citations are powerful ranking tools for any local business.But Not All Business Citations are created equal


What is a local citation for SEO?

This pack is intended for any company that wants to optimize its local referencing or SEO and improve its local visibility in Google Maps. The idea is to refer to the basic information of your business. Namely, the name, the commercial address, the telephone number and the url of your website.

Local Business Citations are powerful SEO tools for businesses that want to grow locally. The idea is that we submit your information to different local directories, close to your company and which will all point to your company’s Google Maps page.

We work exclusively with a specific approach specific to each company. We work by hand for enhanced efficiency and better local SEO.

Get more traffic and local visibility near your business. The objective is to return the best possible signal to Google so that it offers your company among the best responses to Internet searches? In this pack, you get 20 to 100 quality links for maximum performance.

🚀 Benefits

100% NAP Quotes

Full Detailed Report (Excel)

Optionally, we can analyze your competitors’ quotes and target the best opportunities< /p>

Improving your location in Google Maps

Also improving your organic search engine results

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