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We design effective WordPress websites optimised for local search engine optimisation and local growth

Discover our webdesign services to drive more business:


Design – Attractive UI

We create websites that are easy to navigate and users can quickly find what they are looking for. Clear and fast: A site that loads quickly, without excessive waiting times. Attractive design: the site is visually appealing.


Site mobile et responsive

Design responsive websites that automatically adapt to the size of different screens. Thus providing the best user experience (UX) possible. Criterion also essential to the good SEO efficiency of your website.


SEO & local SEO

Using clear and compelling titles and descriptions to attract visitors to your site. Optimization of meta tags, XML sitemaps, internal and external links, use of plugins like Yoast SEO and much more



Optimized images

Images can slow down your website if they are too heavy. We optimize the size of your images for the internet. Let’s also add descriptive ALT tags to help search engines understand their content.


Content creation

Content is the key element of your WordPress site. We create quality content that meets the needs of your target audience. Use catchy titles and attractive images to capture visitors’ attention.


Maintenance & security

Our team ensures that your website does not contain technical errors that could affect natural referencing. We regularly check your site for 404 page errors, broken links, and indexing issues.



Loading time

Slow websites tend to lose visitors and get penalized by search engines. Using a caching plugin, optimizing your images, and reducing the number of HTTP requests to improve the loading speed of your site.



Generation de leads

We create websites optimized for lead generation, optimized contact forms, generation of phone calls & call tracking system.

Other clients, outdoor sports and media industry


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    What is the price for our webdesign services ?

    Our WordPress website pricing schedule may vary slightly depending on a few factors, including:
    – The complexity of the design: if you need a personalized and complex design, it necessarily costs more than a basic design or template.
    – Features: if you need advanced features such as an online payment system, integration with third-party systems such as Chanel Manager or other, or e-commerce features.
    – The content: if you need a large number of pages, texts, images, or videos.
    – We guarantee a Senior level of expertise at the level of our technical & developers
    – For a WordPress site with a simple design, a few content pages and basic functionality, our price range starts between 2000€ and 4000€
    – If you need more advanced features or a custom design, the price may exceed €5,000 or more.